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Online Pharmacy Now Available

We are pleased to announce that our online pharmacy is now available to you! This is a really important convenience feature we wanted to offer you, our clients. There are some other great advantages of this program including a direct to home delivery, a wide variety of products, and "Easy Dose It!" which makes it simple to administer scheduled doses to your pet.

Feel free to browse our online pharmacy (and shop) to purchase food, supplies, treats, and toys. You can also buy prescription medications for your pet including flea & tick, heartworm preventative and MORE through this online platform once we've established a patient relationship. How do you establish a patient relationship? Call and schedule an appointment today at (785) 712-2332.

One of the hardest things for me to remember is when my dog is due for his monthly preventative care. It doesn't seem to matter how many calendar stickers come in the box, there's a chance I'm going to miss a couple of days. But now there's a better way to ensure better adherence to the dosing calendar: "Easy Does It!"

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