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Offering City Licenses

We have partnered with the City of Manhattan to offer city pet licenses directly through our hospital as a convenience to our clients.

Here's an excerpt from the press release:

"(MANHATTAN, KS – October 5, 2018) Several local veterinarians have partnered with the City of Manhattan to offer one-stop shopping for rabies vaccinations and pet licensing. The City Commission recently adopted an ordinance that will allow veterinarians to sell licenses at their clinic and send that information back to the City. In addition, the animal’s rabies tag will now serve as the proof of license. No secondary tag will be needed. “Instead of making a separate trip to City Hall for a pet license, now pets can get vaccinated and licensed at the same time. The goal is to get more people to comply with law and maintain public safety,” says Assistant City Manager Kiel Mangus."

City ordinance requires owners within city limits to register dogs and cats at 6 months and older. If your pet is lost and found, registering can help with animal identification and owner notification. Besides the positive reasons for registering, owners of unregistered pets can be assessed a fee by the city.

For more information on the Pet Licences in Manhattan:

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