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ProHeart (R) 6 Now Available

At Fur Family Animal Hospital we are continuously looking for ways to improve your veterinary experience. We are now adding Proheart (R) 6 to our list of stocked products to offer a simple, convenient, six-month long heartworm preventative for dogs.

What are the benefits?

ProHeart (R) 6 is an injection instead of a pill or topically applied product

  • 6 month duration means two shots per year and there's no remembering to give a pill each month

  • Since it's an injection, Dr. McKeage administers during your appointment and you don't have to do battle with your dog each month for them to take their heartworm prevention

  • ProHeart (R) doesn't leave an oily residue on the fur where they are applied

What do I do next?

No pet needs to be exposed to the risk of heartworms and we now offer an even more convenient way to provide prevention for you best friend.

Call 785.712.2332 , Request an appoint Online, or come by to schedule an appointment

For more information:

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