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Just like humans, it's recommended for pets to be seen by their primary care provider regularly. At Fur Family Animal Hospital we recommend a semi-annual checkup for your furry friends.



We've got you covered whether they are compulsory vaccines for the city or boarding as well as some great optional vaccines appropriate for Kansas.



You can have confidence in our team's surgical experience and our state of the art surgical suite. We go the extra mile with pre-anesthetic bloodwork and high quality care before, during, and after your pet's procedure.



Cleanings, dental radiography, oral surgery, and more! One of the most important preventative care steps you can take as a pet owner is helping your pet maintain good oral hygiene. We've got what you need.



Sometimes the scariest part of going to the Vet is the bill. While we expect payment at time of service, we've got great options to help your pet get the care they deserve.


Enrolling in a Wellness Plan is an awesome way to spread out the costs of preventative care into a manageable monthly fee. 

For surprise expenses (like when Otis eats one sock too many) we offer ScratchPay, an innovative 3rd party financing option that allows your pet to get care today without interrupting your finances.



We make an effort to carry what we can in house to reduce secondary visits to 3rd party pharmacies and pet stores. Another great service we offer is the convenience of direct to home delivery through our online pharmacy. Ask us about making your monthly pill reminders a snap.



Since day one we have offered full digital x-rays. This high resolution format also allows us to quickly share and consult with specialists when needed. 

We added an ultrasound system in 2019. This technology is important to getting real time imaging of soft tissues. 



For that extra peace of mind, we offer Home Again microchips for your pets.











Some dietary needs can only be fulfilled with a prescription. Come see us for high quality prescription foods! Now offering Purina and Royal Canin.

Ask us about VetDirect to have food delivered right to your door.

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