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June Update

It's been a very busy first year! June 4th marked our first full year of business. We greatly appreciate the love and support we've gotten from our client base and look forward to making new friends in our second year. Stay tuned for announcements regarding our 1st Anniversary Event which will be held in July.

We couldn't provide the outstanding level of care and compassion we do without the dedication of our entire medical team. We welcome all to come experience our warm and personable approach to veterinary medicine.

Special Guests

Earlier this month, we were honored to host a visit from the Blue Valley Vet Science Summer Camp. Dr. McKeage took the students on a full tour of the hospital and offered some detail on the daily workings of a veterinary hospital.

Blue Valley Vet Science Campers with Dr. McKeage in treatment area

Below, Dr. McKeage is explaining how our bloodwork equipment is operated and what information it can provide:

Dr. McKeage explains our Idexx bloodwork equipment to the Vet Science Campers

Below, Dr. McKeage demonstrates some of the various surgical instruments and tools used in the clinic.

Dr. McKeage explains some of the various sterilized equipment used in surgery

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