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Cat Friendly Practice - Gold Certification

Fur Family Animal Hospital has earned Gold Certification as a Cat Friendly Practice (R) from the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP). We are currently the only Gold Certified hospital in the Riley County area.

What does it mean?

Cat Friendly Practices (R) are required to meet certain feline specific criteria. Specifically this certification entailed 121 criteria for Gold Certification across 10 categories including:

1) Staff Training & Education

2) Hospital Premises & Waiting Area

3) Feline Handling

4) Exam Room & Clinical Records

5) Hospitalization of Cats

6) Pain Management, Operating Room, and Anesthesia

7) Surgical Equipment & Dentistry

8) Diagnostic Imaging & Lab Equipment

9) Treatment / Health & Safety

10) Preventative Care by Life Stages

We make a concerted effort to understand cats and ensure a comfortable environment for them. You can count on us to have feline appropriate equipment and procedures in our hospital. Above all, we love caring for cats and are committed to providing excellent, compassionate care.

How is Fur Family different?

As part of our Cat Friendly Practice (R) approach our lobby has a separate waiting area for cats and their owners. In addition, we have an exam room that is cats-only which cuts down on the unfamiliar smells that can be distressing to our feline patients. We allow plenty of time in our appointments for your cat to become acclimated to the environment, and we use gentle, low stress handling techniques to minimize additional fear and discomfort. Our use of Feliway (R) and feline modulated music in the exam room and recovery ward are some other ways we cater to cats.

What do I do next?

We think your cat deserves a Cat Friendly experience the next time they go to the vet.

Call 785.712.2332 , Request an appoint Online, or come by to schedule an appointment

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